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Robot Learning Module

Change is arriving quickly, are you ready...

Weaving the future with PMA Robotic Learning Module 1.B.04 - Ultimate Learning Tool
  • Equipped with German made Six Axis KUKA KR6 Robot, PMA is presenting its new product, Robotic Learning Module (RLM) for engineering institutes & other research centers.
  • RLM is combination of high end hard & software, which lets students to hop on latest industrial Bandwagon & get in synergy with current industrial trends.
  • So as to smoothen the sudden transition from academic to industrial culture PMA has channelized its technical competencies into a unique concept of learning tabbed RLM exclusively for upcoming engineers.


Why you need RLM?

Industries these days are evolving drastically & everybody is witnessing rapid technological transformations around them. Gone are the days when only focus was given on increasing the production, instead HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY is the most sought after thing these days. Consequentially, entrepreneurs as well as people in top management are feeling the heat of these transformations. So as to cope up with these issues everybody is looking for some solution. For the same automation is proving to be a boon. Be it manufacturing, production, information technology, hospitality & even education there is no field left untouched from the automation. Everybody is switching to one or another kind of automation so as to expand their businesses and become competitive at global level.

In coming years, professionals possessing such skills & capabilities will turn into the most desired employees for the big conglomerates. For the same, it becomes the duty of our educational institutes & technical centers to impart such kind of education to their students & incorporate the abilities which makes him/her a ready to work employee for the potential recruiters.

  • Every product of our RLM family is the most appropriate tool for the purpose of educating & giving pupils hands-on experience on complete package of one of the finest as well as technologically advanced equipments.
  • We at PMA have tailored these products especially for Indian Institutes keeping in mind the current academic scenario.
  • At PMA we have an aim of replacing all the obsolete machineries present in Indian Institutes which are useless for the students. We are focusing on developing new & innovative solutions which will make your students, highly competent at international levels.
  • RLM 1.B.01 is an academic must have which along with theoretical learning acts as an platform for practical robotic training resembles real industrial applications.